Friday, May 04, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Following the skirmish yesterday at Council, I couldn't resist this tidbit. It appears that the ranting and raving Executive Director of DERA, Kim Kerr, is now demanding a judicial review of the City's grant making processes after their grant was revoked by council.

Yes, folks can can you believe this. Mr. Kerr wants the courts, through appointed judges no less, to determine who should be given taxpayers hard earned cash. Currently, our politicians govern the public's money and this is the way it should be in a democratic society.

This latest action by Kim Kerr, is a complete attack on democracy and isn't unusual considering its coming from an individual who lacks political smarts.

What is at risk though is citizens democratic rights. If we allow, our courts to be the new political decision makers, we will have squandered away forever, the rights of ordinary citizens through the power of our vote to have voice. We might as well not have the vote if courts are given absolute power to make political decisions on behalf of the people.

It seems Vision wasn't the only ones displaying sheer madness yesterday. They have been joined by their new found friend who coincidentally they were wildly defending yesterday. What interesting bedfellows they make.

Vision welcome Kim Kerr. Kim Kerr welcome Vision.

Jamie Lee Hamilton