Sunday, December 23, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


I'm not sure whether I believe in Christ or Jesus as our supreme holy being, however, I respect others who do and I wish you much joy and happiness in your Christmas celebrations.

I find time at Christmas to bring comfort to others and I like to do what I can to brighten the season for others. As many of you do.

Many of my friends share time with family and that is so important in today's world. I believe family nurtures and sustains us.

I adored this time of year when my own Mother, Alice, was alive. She died this time of the year and it is a sad time of the year for me. Her spirit though surrounds me, guides and protects me. I'll never be alone at this special time of the season because she remains with me.

My beloved Sister, Gail and her family are together and I have immense comfort knowing they are all safe together and sharing with each other, this special and unique time of the year.

Like many I have another family, which is an integral part of me. My community family has protected, encouraged and supported me. This community family will always remain part of my family tree. It is with this family that I will share the next few days.

We call ourselves GLBT Orphans and we join together and cook up a feast and invite others who might otherwise spend time alone, to be with us. It has become a yearly tradition.

So on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I'll be at this great apartment hotel, in Katharine Hepburn's Director' Suite, celebrating the meaning of life.

We cook food together, sings songs, sit in front of the fireplace, share stories, laugh and cry and remember in our hearts all those who touched our lives. There are small gifts for everyone and friends drop by, some even with donations to assist in providing this special celebration of hope.

As someone said and I'm not sure who it was, that Love is nothing until you Give it Away.
Let us remember this very strong and I believe timeless message as we celebrate this wondrous, joyful and I hope for a few days anyway, peaceful time of year.

If you want to drop by, share a laugh, have a drink, or just to say hi, please do so.
The address is Suite 103 - 2030 Barclay. Buzz 103. In residence from 12 noon December 24 until December 26. My cell phone will be with me at (778) 235-3677

From my walk to yours, I wish you and yours the very best of the season!

Jamie Lee Hamilton