Friday, July 08, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


It has come to light that Councillor Jim Green has had a few meetings with a charged Drug Trafficker from Vancouver with close connections to the NDP and Friends of Jim Green. Please see for the story.

Now that this has been exposed Mr Green, is crying foul as he alleges that someone is out to smear his name in a lead up to his possible Mayoral run. Because of his numerous meetings with the alleged drug trafficker, all that is left is for Councillor Green is to once again threaten lawsuits against anyone who is bringing this truth out.

It seems this is a continuous refrain of Councillor Green whenever the public raises concern over happenings in Jim Green's political and public life. It has become the usual mantra of Mr Green to threaten law suits in bids to squelch debate or criticism of issues which show him in an unfavorable light.

The once popular activist of the Downtown Eastside is well schooled in his favorite practised art form--intimidation. He knows, people are fearful of law suits because it drags through the mud, their reputations of being good, decent and honest people. People who generally only desire to do good things or share the truth.

I assume Mr Green's progression from activist to bully boy to enforcer of intimidation tactics will not sit well with the public. I think there are many folks out there not willing to be silenced by Councillor Green's bullying tactics.

Councillor Green lives by the triple XXX threat that permeates the Downtown Eastside like a bad stench. These of course are Xploitation, Xpropriation and Xtermination.

How often have people been silenced through these means? Especially in the Downtown Eastside where peoples lives are often tragic. Poor people are the most vulnerable citizens in our city and are ripe for easy pickings by those who champion themselves as Advocates of the People. Chances are if you dare critique any of these supposed leaders, you will be threatened with the Triple XXX Philosophy which Councillor Jim Green devised, introduced and with his heavy handedness, flung far and wide.

And to think there are so many others in this community well schooled in this devious practice should send chills throughout Vancouver.

Its time for people to wake up. Do you really want someone like this, leading our great City?

Jamie Lee Hamilton