Monday, January 29, 2007



More news is coming from the Pickton trial which warrants the necessity of political intervention. There is ample evidence in the early goings of the Pickton trial which re-enforces the striking of a Public Inquiry to be implemented immediately.

The defence counsel for Mr. Pickton, Peter Ritchie, on day 5 of the trial has dropped an explosive bombshell. Mr. Ritchie suggests to the RCMP, that others beside Mr. Pickton, are or have been previously viewed by them as prime suspects in the horrific serial slayings of countless Downtown Eastside women. In fact, one individual was considered the main suspect in 15 of the murders attributed to the Pickton carnage and five out of six cases currently being heard.

Pat Casanova was known to investigators and is alleged to be a close associate of Mr. Robert (Willy) Pickton. It has been suggested by Mr. Ritchie that Mr. Casanova had been previously arrested.

It has become apparent that the Missing Women's Task force and the RCMP are not willing to answer questions regarding others involvement at the Pickton farm.

This leaves far too many unanswered questions. The most glaring of course is whether there are murderers of the victims attributed to Mr. Pickton, who are roaming free? Moreover, have these same individuals be granted immunity in return for crown testimony?

What is at stake here is public safety and justice. Our politicians must be held to account on this matter since it appears that law enforcemment officials are once again, dropping the ball on what is building up to be the worst crimes ever committed in North America.

Jamie Lee Hamilton