Monday, December 22, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


This morning I walked up to Main and Hastings to see how citizens were coping.

Four people were huddled together covered with blankets sleeping in front of Insite. I hope they will be OK.

In my walk around so many businesses had not shovelled their premises as required by city by-law.

A few offending businesses include Royal Bank at Main and Hastings, the new Paris block developed by Salient properties headed by Robert Fung. Insite wasn't clear either.

Kudos to the Lotus Hotel who had cleared both Abbott and Pender street sides of their property.

One resident complained that the Quest food exchange wasn't open and he was ticked off but the new Rexall drugs at International Village has a good selection of food at bargain prices. No expiry dates either.

Work continues at Woodwards so it seems the workers made it in without much trouble.

Back out at 12:30pm to find Joey who has been using the overnight shelters. I hope she is doing OK. Last saw her Thursday.

Joey was a feature in the 1984 documentary Hookers on Davie and I worry about her. She is a regular visitor at the methadone pharmacy in the 400 block Abbott across from the Lotus. If people have it in them to assist Joey through Xmas please drop something off for her at the Pharmacy. She has no family and considering everything she is doing remarkably well.

Jamie Lee Hamilton