Thursday, June 29, 2006


Eldest Son of Mary Lands Speaks OutHi All

I have posted Michael Lands poignant comments below. I feel so bad for what has happened and let us send Best Wishes and Love to Michael, his brother Stuart and sister, Jeannie. Here are Michael's own words--JL

I am Filing a Complaint because Missing Women's Joint Task Force or Missing Women's Task Force, Did not do there investigation properly. I was told by two Officers from the Missing Women Task Force, that they had done a search Canada wide for my Mothers S.I.N. Card. And I was lied to. I was also told to give my blood, and the Missing women's Task Force took my blood sample to match unknown DNA from the Pickton Trial. Even then I told them she had nothing to do with that case. But did everything possible to try to link it to that case. It has made a lot of traumatic emotions for me. How else was I to feel when they took MY BLOOD. The Vancouver Police Department shouldn't of classified her as a downtown eastside woman.. I was saying that from day one.. My mother only lived in Vancouver for a short time..And I never lived down town eastside when i was a child..I was in Vancouver just as long as she was. They have tainted her Name... this has caused a lot of Emotional moments... Victim Services was going to Mail out cheque for Compensation for the loss...And the Victim Service worker was pressing for a Funeral Service.. FOR CLOSURE... I told them no. But this has been hard on the family.. Just when you find out that everyone is giving up. and want CLOSURE. AND START TO LET GO ...She finds us......And she has been collecting disability for 16 years,,, and has been in contact with Saskatoon Police Department. in 2004..because. there was an incident with Welfare fraud in BC. which was later just a misunderstanding.

I have been lied to.. I have been forced to accept things that weren't true about my mom .. Before I even new about my mom being alive.. I have felt that the police just gave up.. And just wanted all of us to shut up.. and offer us $5000 for our loss.. then.. When she is found.. they Cancel the Cheques from being sent out....They keep dragging my family through the mud..

I don't feel like the police can be trusted to do there job.. Because.. I have seen they haven't..
This is still so overwhelming and emotional....I feel like I have been robbed of my life.......Because of the incompetence of the Missing Women's Task Force
I need more Answers then a Press release.
I have still not had any contact from anyone. Should I be Talking to a Lawyer?

Michael Lands