Friday, August 24, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

CUPE Union Must Distance Itself from Deplorable and Mean-Spirited Actions

Once again the APC/DERA gang has taken to spewing garbage. This time it's dumping garbage. Acting childish is a trait of the APC/DERA group. Formerly they threw things about at government offices where they terrorized innocent female workers, this time, they chose Mayor Sam Sullivan's residence, where he and hundreds of other people reside.

APC and DERA demonstrate their political immaturity and stupidity by dumping garbage at the homes of innocent people. Mayor Sullivan lives in a high rise condo as do many other people. Many who have nothing to do with this strike.

The Mayor has faced a daunting task during this strike as observers thought he blew it in the early days, however, this latest blunder by APC/DERA will most likely result in sympathy for Mayor Sullivan and his neighbours in the building where the garbage was dumped. After all who would want other people's garbage strewn about on their doorsteps?

The opposition municipal party Vision and CUPE unions must immediately distance themselves from this latest action by APC/DERA. It is widely known that DERA/APC workers are part of CUPE 1004, a striking Union. Vision has supported APC/DERA and of course receives significant contributions from CUPE.

This kind of tactic goes too far. All people are affected by the strike and innocent people shouldn't be targeted because of where they live.

I call on Vision Councillors and the leadership of all striking locals of CUPE to immediately distance themselves from this stupid action of their members and supporters.

As my good friend Karen, a former Union organizer states, " this tactic has been used on other Mayors. But to do this to a paraplegic Mayor is really Tacky".

Jamie Lee Hamilton