Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Park Board Hopeful Jamie Lee Hamilton Announces Continued Candidacy

Last evening, the Potlatch, a traditional Aboriginal custom which had been out-lawed by the missionaries and government officials made a return to Stanley Park. The potlatch was held at the 1917 Stanley Park lawn bowling Club and was attended by the Lawn Bowling Club President Judith, along with many members of her club. Lynn Kennedy and her husband John were great hosts.

The evening was held to honour both Jamie Lee Hamilton, Park board hopeful for the November 15, 2008 election and MP for Vancouver-Centre, Dr Hedy Fry who is seeking re-election in the October 14, 2008 election.

Many Elders gathered and conducted the ceremonial evening which included dances, drumming, a salmon feast and gift giving.

Two-spirit Elder Laurie McDonald of the Lake Enoch band and Hereditary Gitsan Elder, Brenda Wesley presided over the Potlatch with Dr Fry and Ms Hamilton being placed in the circle and receiving recognition for their work.

Ms Fry spoke in support of Jamie Lee Hamilton speaking of her courage and principled convictions. Ms Fry articulated her desire that Jamie Lee be elected to public office.

Aboriginal Leader, Melanie Mark, an YWCA young Women of Distinction honouree attended with her five year old daughter and spoke of Ms Hamilton's commitment and dedication to advancing Aboriginal rights. Ms Mark stated, "Women Leaders like Jamie Lee give young Aboriginal women like me someone to look up to and follow as a positive role model for our community".

Drummer and Mohawk spiritual leader Tree, drummed and sang a number of songs. Lenore Herb, a longtime community activist and artist provided beautiful jewellery and Vision park board candidate, Hadani Ditmars provided Jamie Lee with an autographed copy of her award-winning book, Dancing in the No Fly Zone.

Ms Hamilton as is Aboriginal custom was given another Indian name to add to her Native name given at birth, Jim-Aha-sun-in-the-face.

Laurie McDonald's 95 year old mother and Elder of the Lake Enoch band has bestowed the name 'Neeso Squai' which translates into English as two women.

The evening concluded with the sun setting to the west and among the sacred trees, Jamie Lee Hamilton announced to loud applause and well-wishes, her continued campaign of seeking a Park board seat as an Independent in the November 2008 municipal election.