Thursday, December 08, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Well it appears that my post HEDY OH HEDY, has brought forth even more information on the suitability of a potential Liberal candidate for Vancouver-East.

A well placed source within the Non Partisan Party (NPA) has loosened their lips, wetting the appetite of this blogger. Bringing forward news that the anonymous candidate under review by the Liberals in 2002 lost an NPA nomination for City council due to his outspokenness and rigidness on same sex marriage and gay rights issues. The NPA according to the source, were deathly afraid this could adversely affect their campaign and hence party members nixed the nomination drive of the former school trustee.

Of course, the said candidate hails from the extreme christian movement which has brought forward the loudest opposition to same sex marriage and equality for gays and lesbians.

Many grassroots Liberals in Van-East, if this candidate receives the green light to proceed, fear this could be the catalyst which provokes anti-gay sentiment within the BC campaign. Moreover they fear this could become the story of the BC campaign.

One longtime supporter of Liberal MP Hedy Fry, who wished to remain anonymous, has confirmed that the Liberal MP for Van-Centre has built a sizeable following in the gay community and she must be gravely concerned worrying about the potential for a full scale anti Liberal backlash in her riding if a anti-gay rights individual is campaigning on the same team as her.

The insider went on to say that the ridings of Burnaby Douglas, Victoria and Vancouver-Kingsway could all be hurt since these communities all have a significant gay and lesbian demographic to them.

Jamie Lee Hamilton