Wednesday, January 31, 2007



On day 6 of the notorious Pickton trial, the RCMP lead investigator, Don Adam, under questioning from defence counsel, Peter Ritchie, stated that three associates of Mr. Pickton were arrested in connection with the grisly murders of women from the Downtown Eastside, however, these 3 individuals were never charged.

In fact, one of the individuals, Lynn Ellingsen, through her lawyer, was attempting to negotiate an immunity deal.

The most glaring concern for the public, was why she wanted this immunity deal?

To the average citizen, it appears that those seeking immunity have information and desire not to charged. It has been inferred that Ms Ellingsen will be providing evidence at the Pickton trial.

What is left outstanding is what she knew, when she knew something and what was her role at the Pickton farm?

Any discussions of immunity or granting of immunity or for that matter, charge approval in the Pickton carnage, would have to involve the deputy minister to the Attorney General.

This matter therefore rests at the feet of political higher-ups and again, there needs to be assurances that others involved in the Pickton case are not guilty of grisly crimes at that farm.

Also concerning is whether there has been a political cover-up to spare the public in what can only amount to be a complete nightmare.

Transparency, responsibility and accountability are key cornerstones of our justice system. Issues arising from the Pickton mess are not going to go away.

By skirting public accountability--for the public to bear witness to determine the whole sordid truth of carnage on the Pickton farm--is an absolute affront to justice. The whole justice system will no doubt come into disrespect and disrepute if the aforementioned becomes du jour.

Jamie Lee Hamilton