Sunday, August 08, 2010

Alex Tsakumis a Closet Case?

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well at least according to Sean Horlor the Xtra resident blogger, he is claiming that Alex Tsakumis the right-winging blogger from the Greek community is a Closet case.


Mr Horlor makes this claim after Mr Tsakumis attended the Pride parade and took many photographs and then made some disparaging and funny remarks about the parade and its revellers. See here

Mr Horlor goes on to claim that the only thing Mr Tsakumis is rebelling against is a healthy diet. See

Ouch again.

It seems Mr Horlor should be more considerate since there are chubby chasers in the GLBT community and to disparage them and deny them visuals of big boys is kinda nasty.

I bet though Mr Tsakumis wife is laughing her head off regarding hubby being called a closet case.

Mr Tsakumis has his point of view which is that the parade should not exhibit any kind of sexuality but isn't that the whole point of the parade?

Jamie Lee Hamilton