Monday, September 03, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


It was interesting reading 24 Hours news on Friday. OK, I admit that I'm a big fan of Columnist, Alex G Tsakumis. I believed his commentaries to run every Friday and unfortunately, his on-the-mark opinion pieces are not accessible online. As it turns out, the commentaries are written every two weeks. Scanning the Jimmy Pattison daily, which former NDP Premier Glen Clark runs, I came across a piece on APC regarding their vandalism of people's homes.

The APC/DERA crew, claims they dumped the garbage at the homes of Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri in order to show their solidarity with striking CUPE workers.

Interesting though, that CUPE in it's bargaining demands around job security are requesting the City in all it's public announcements and speaking notes regarding the 2010 Olympics, credit CUPE as a equal participant and supporter of the 2010 Games.

Gee but hasn't the APC/DERA bunch been slamming the Olympic games as the root cause of all evil? Yet, they claim to stand in Solidarity with CUPE workers. Hmm.

So what is it APC/DERA, are you in Solidarity with CUPE and it's support of the Olympic games? Or are you just hypocritical activists, spewing yet more garbage?

Or perhaps you are just using the Olympics, the Oldtown area and poor people, as the Sun editorial, on Saturday claims, to misbehave in ways that are clearly criminal?

So which is it APC/DERA?

Jamie Lee Hamilton