Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Or is Vision Prone to Cover-Ups?

As reported on www.publiceyeonline.com, it turns out would-be Mayor, Councillor Raymond Louie, besides his annoying manner, turns out to be a cheapskate.

He was the only Vision Councillor, who didn't donate a red-cent to his own party.

Mr Louie has come up with a hair-brained explanation that he changed his credit card number and his pre-authorized donations were not processed.

Sorry Councillor Louie, your excuse doesn't hold wash. Claiming that you were not aware of being a donor to your party, seems unreasonable, especially considering you repeatedly purport to be financially astute on fiscal matters.

Didn't you receive bank statements? Don't you review your bank account periodically to see what is happening with your money and account?

Councillor Louie, I'm certain you acquired considerable knowledge about money matters, working in your parents bakery, while growing up. Imagine working among all that dough!!!

It seems that another possible and likely explanation is in order. Perhaps you thought, oh well, if my pre-authorized donations are not being scrutinized, I'll just ignore the situation myself and in the process save some bucks.

Interesting rationale Mr. Louie but I don't think the public will buy it. They will form opinions around your party's predisposition to hide things (I hate to bring up Councillor Stevenson's cover-up of his drunk driving charge).

I suspect the public will remember these unforgettables when casting their votes.

Jamie Lee Hamilton