Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The much discredited groups, APC and DERA, who joined forces in attacking government policies, but lost public support and sympathy as a result of their criminal activities and boorish ways has turned on one another.

As reported previously on this blog, APC stacked the DERA board with its members and resulting from that, placed many of their more prominent members in paid staff positions at DERA. This blog also reported that APC couldn't have achieved this without the tacit support of the Executive Director of DERA (in name only), Kim Kerr.

Oldtown News, just a few months ago, reported that it wouldn't be long before APC attempted a putsch at DERA and this just occurred.

Anna Hunter, Aaron Muirhead, Lily Loncar and Lisa Hall, prominent APC leaders and DERA staff members, in the last few weeks, attempted to overthrow Kim Kerr and place Ms Hunter in the position of Executive Director of DERA.

Sources claim that Mr. Kerr became aware of the attempted coup from a few members on the DERA board sympathetic to him and subsequently alerted him to the situation.

Mr. Kerr, has the power to hire and fire staff and accordingly, my sources confirm that Ms Hall, a longtime employee of DERA, sensing being fired, immediately went on paid stress leave. DERA workers represented by the Union, CUPE 1004, has in its collective agreement, the ability of DERA workers to take stress leave. Ms Hall used this provision in an attempt to ward off being fired.

Ms Hunter, it has been alleged, has resigned.

Aaron Muirhead, the big tough guy of APC and a close friend of Mr. Kerr and APC henchman, David Cunningham, was on his hands and knees, crying and begging Mr. Kerr not to fire him.

It is uncertain what the fate of Ms Loncar, another longtime DERA worker will be since sources inform me that she didn't play a direct role in the push to remove Mr. Kerr as Executive Director.

Because this attempted coup involves high ranking members of APC, watch for lots more inner turmoil at DERA and APC.

Since these two groups share the same membership base, it will be interesting to watch as the various camps wreck havoc and take the hammer to each other.

Jamie Lee Hamilton