Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Oh boy, only into my second day of my healthier eating plan and my good intentions was up against a day of numerous meetings which went over the lunch and dinner hours.

My healthy eating started out good as I had a banana and apple for breakfast. Over lunch, I was in a meeting and didn't get through this until 2pm and I grabbed a bowl of chicken noodle soup at Quizno's and a tuna bunwich from T and T market. I drank about 4 glasses of water. At 5pm until 7pm, I was in a meeting and then went into another meeting from 7-9 pm. Luckily for me at the latter meeting there was some dried cranberries which I munched on (very good and tasty) and I bypassed the various potato chips and cookies being offered. Finally through my meeting at 9 pm, a friend and I headed to White Tower Pizza so I could have a bit of dinner. I chose the roast lamb which came with rice, salad, roasted potato and pita bread. I slipped a bit here and feeling guilty over my order, I ate half the serving of potato and rice. Unfortunately though I ate the pita and hummus which I love. I also had a diet-coke and no water which isn't good. I finally arrived home at 10:45 pm and found it too late to go out for a walk. So I kinda blew it, but on days like this, when I have a number of meetings, I must figure out a way to work around this and also make time to fit in some exercise.

Tomorrow I have been invited out for dinner at the Keg with a couple of media friends. My hope is that I have the willpower to order a healthier dinner even though we are going to a place known for its steaks. Wish me luck folks!

Jamie Lee Hamilton