Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Vancouver Courier Columnist MARK HASIUK besides being homophobic, anti sex worker, against minorities and Aboriginal people can now add LIAR to his unsavory credentials.

Last week Mr Hasiuk wrote an opinion piece stating that Councilor Kerry Jang had said that prostitution was abhorrent. It is a very strong word which is certain to stir up hate and in fact Councilor Jang has stated he didn't say this at all.

It seems Mr Hasiuk is willing to do anything including lying to make his case that prostitution should be abolished. He has written so much crap but when he gets caught in fabricating lies he needs to be exposed for the type of journalist he is. In fact he has become the Ann Coulter of Canada. Does our rather liberal city that celebrates diversity and is tolerant of different lifestyles which do not harm others, do we in fact want a cowardly white guy journalist fear mongering and spreading hate?

Just for the record what Councilor Jang said was that sex slavery like all forms of slavery is abhorrent and those of us who promote sex trade safety would agree with Mr Jang 100%.

It is time if the Courier continues to have a hate monger on staff and allows him free reign to promote hate perhaps those of us who love our City for its progressiveness and liberal attitudes began to educate Courier advertisers that they can expect consequences if they choose to advertise with a paper who has a trash-talking and disgusting individual spreading filth and lies on its news pages.

Jamie Lee Hamilton