Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

October 27, 2008


Following a number of prominent women leaders (Councillor Elizabeth Ball, Colleen Nystedt of Movie Set Inc and Adriane Carr, deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada) announcing their support for Jamie Lee Hamilton's Queen of the Parks Campaign, another terrific women has stepped forward to endorse Ms Hamilton for Vancouver Park board.

Janet Barnes, widow of the late Emery Barnes who represented the Vancouver-Centre and Vancouver-Burrard constituencies and was speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia has issued a public statement outlining her reasons for support. Here is the full text of Ms Barnes endorsement:

" Jamie Lee Hamilton has been behind the many scenes, which I believe are the backbone of the most important areas of concern in Vancouver. There are issues which many have tried to deal with in the Downtown Eastside, Aboriginal and the Gay and Lesbian communities, which have been spilling into the parks as they become social meeting places and even homes unto themselves.

Whether parks are temporary or permanent grounds to those mentioned and the many other communities and visitors, the unique mosaic which Vancouver has become famous for, must be shaped and maintained in a usable, enjoyable and safe way for all.

Our parks serve to bind us as a community, and their viability is undeniably of paramount importance. If we are, as a community going to keep the parks vibrant and safe for the vast differences of people, children and animals; with the purposes of who's ever needs they must meet, there has to be tolerance, respect and the ability to genuinely want to serve and meet the objectives for all citizens.

The northeast sector MUST be represented, particularly in these hard times to bridge the ever growing gap between rich and poor. We must rally together and create and be proud of where we are going. We really do have the power to influence other communities, but we must clean up our own first, and this takes courage.

I have known Jamie Lee since 1975, and I know that Jamie offers what I would refer to as "prepaid" involvement and experience. Not only is she strong and realistic, what comes with that is kindness, humor and a genuine concern for all, not to mention a gift for the gab.

Jamie Lee was regularly involved and a great supporter of all that my husband Emery Barnes did, including placing flags in the ground together in support of CRAB park before it was created in 1987.

I support Jamie Lee's goals and intentions 100%, and no doubt with her input, the city would have the direction it needs to go on to improve it's health and image ".

States Ms Hamilton, " I am honoured that Ms Janet Barnes has chosen to endorse me. Like her late husband Emery Barnes, who was a champion for the downtrodden in my neighborhood, Janet Barnes has continued her husband's legacy of ensuring less fortunate children and youth have support and a decent start in life. This is the fight that I also champion ".

Even though the NPA board chose not to support her, as an Independent, Ms Hamilton has a groundswell of support from the left, centre and right of the political spectrum rallying for her, including many NPA and COPE members, elected officials and past NPA candidates.

Prominent supporters include former NPA Mayor of Vancouver, Philip Owen, Little Sisters co-owner Jim Deva, prominent businessman Mark James of the Mark James group and former NPA City Councillor Alan Herbert.