Thursday, May 01, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Children of Political Parents Playing Significant Roles

Michael Geller, who I think will be a terrific Councillor for the City of Vancouver has officially started his campaign. I have watched Mr. Geller over the years and I'm impressed. Last night at the NPA Pub night, I was fortunate to meet Claire, daughter of Mr. Geller. Many of you will see Claire as she will be out on the hustings for her father. Claire will be a tremendous asset if you ask me. She is super friendly so go up and say hi.

During the campaign, other children of political parents have played an active role in campaigning. Many family members will be out there again stooping for their parents or partners. I've watched as Liz Anton, daughter to Councillor Suzanne Anton has been a tremendous help to her mother and Melissa De Genova, daughter to Park Commissioner, Allan De Genova has worked tirelessly on his various campaigns.

Councillor Peter Ladner's daughter, Meredith Ladner, I've been told has also figured prominently in her father's campaign. I haven't met Meredith yet but hope to soon.

Of the potential first ladies of the City, Erica Ladner has so far been the most visible and her continuous work stumping on behalf of her husband is amazing. Is it any wonder they have been married an impressive 32 years!

Here is the official announcement from Michael Geller:

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to let you know that I am about to formally announce that I am seeking an NPA nomination as a candidate for Vancouver City Council in the upcoming election. The first step is to obtain the endorsement of the NPA membership for one of the first five council positions at its upcoming nomination meeting on June 8, 2008. At this meeting, the membership will also be choosing either Sam Sullivan or Peter Ladner as the mayoralty candidate, as well as some of the Park Board and School Board candidates. It is my hope that if I am successful on June 8th, and in November's Municipal Election, I will be able to bring the experience that I have gained over the past 35 years to City Hall.

I would particularly like to put forward some of the lessons in planning and community development that I learned from other countries during last year's world trip. If you would like to read more about my recent activities and how to become a member of the NPA, please check out the modest website that I have set up, with the assistance of a young friend, at

As I wrote in a Vancouver Sun story last October, Vancouver's great, but it's not perfect. There is a lot we could do to improve housing affordability, the look of the city, and the life of the city. I hope I will have the opportunity to help realize some changes as a Vancouver City Councillor. I look forward to hearing your advice and comments.


Michael A. Geller,
Michael Geller & Associates Limited Adjunct Faculty, Centre for Sustainable Community Development Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
telephone 778 997 9980