Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well it sure didn't take Senator Larry Campbell long to stab loyal foot soldier and former colleague, Councillor Raymond Louie in the back. Reported today in the Courier by Sandra Thomas, Senator Campbell has reportedly endorsed the nomination campaign of Park Commissioner, Allan De Genova, for Mayor ofVancouver

As my readers will recall, back in 2002, Larry Campbell won Mayor of Vancouver on the COPE party ticket. Soon after, Mayor Larry Campbell was having difficulty getting along with his Council mates in COPE and even though he hitched his name to COPE to win the Mayor's seat, after a year and a half, he could no longer cope with COPE.

They became irritating to the temper-tantrum prone Mayor. Mr. Campbell, not being able to take over the membership of COPE and not any longer able to stomach the principled COPEsters, set out to destroy COPE.

He was aided and abetted in his drive and enticed COPE Councillors Raymond Louie, Jim Green and Tim Stevenson to join him in the hastily arranged Friends of Larry Campbell, later to be re-named Vision.

Councillor Louie remained quite loyal and Mayor Campbell continued to tout Councillor Louie as a future Mayor of Vancouver. He even went so far to claim "Councillor Louie to be the smartest member on Council".

Friends indeed.

But that was then and now is now.

I recall, Mayor Larry Campbell, said these famous last words when announcing that he wouldn't be seeking re-election-- "I don't like politics and I'm not a politician"

Well he apparently only hated politics until he was appointed to the Senate in 2005 and since then he had an about-face and has been playing odd-ball politics ever since.

I bet even Councillor Louie didn't see the betrayal coming and he must be somewhat dejected, however, the municipal poll that has been commissioned, I'm certain may alleviate some relief. Or will it Mr. Louie?

I must say I had a terrific time answering those polling questions today. I understand it is supposed to be anonymous, thank you Strategic Communications for that tidbit, and I had a rather good time answering those interesting and entertaining questions.

Why Senator Larry Campbell is promoting Allan DeGenova over Councillor Louie, appears perplexing. It seems to me that a Councillor might be more Mayor-ready, if after serving six years on Council, don't you think Senator?

It just seems odd to support a Park Commissioner over a Councillor.

Now this wouldn't have anything to do with the rumour surrounding a prominent Real Estate Developer helping you re-locate into new digs after your split with that sweet wife of yours, would it Senator? Your right Senator, I shouldn't be prying into your affairs.

I sure hope though you have sworn that Realtor to keep secret your affairs, as we wouldn't want them exposed would we. But you can always sweeten the pot a bit right Senator? From the realtor's perspective it sure doesn't hurt having a Senatorial endorsement.

I'm sure though that busy Realtor can keep secrets. Besides, I'd hate to see you feeling like poor poor Raymond Louie must currently be feeling.

And those questions in the poll. Well I promise not to give them to Alex G Tsakumis, even the ones about the happy planet guy.

However, I can't give the same guarantee about Tim Louis.

I think COPE has just come back to life. Courtesy of you Senator. How bout that!

Jamie Lee Hamilton