Monday, September 10, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


In response to my recent post on Rape Relief,
I received this statement below. I have chosen to present it here as it pretty well sums up how deeply flawed the arguments are which Rape Relief puts forward regarding their position on feminism and prostitution. The fact that a male (QBert) steps forward to explain the rationale of Rape Relief is really pathetic.

(QBert) claims, are highlighted in italics. My response follows and below is the entire post put forward by QBert and Rape Relief.

QBert claims I said Rape Relief were man-haters. QBert is misrepresenting facts when he states this. I never said this. In my original post, I said Rape Relief has a distrust of men.

QBert claims lesbians dislike sex with Men. This is laughable. I know many lesbians who at various times have enjoyed sex with males. In fact, out MP, Libby Davies was in a marriage for 25 years with a male. Lesbians who traditionally haven't engaged in sex with men, are now seeking them out in order to have children. For a male supporter of Rape Relief (QBert) to state lesbians dislike sex with men is preposterous. As a male, he thinks he now can speak on behalf of women and lesbians. That's a good one.

Regarding sexual activity between sex trade provider and customer. Supporter of Rape Relief, QBert, says that if a sex trade worker is provided an option of receiving a $20 bill without needing to provide oral sex or having to provide oral sex on the customer in exchange for the $20, the sex trade provider will opt to take the money only. This rationale is so deeply flawed. If sex trade workers or any worker in society were just handed out free money, of course, they would choose to just take the money. Who wouldn't? Imagine never having to work in life and just to be handed money. Further, I reiterate that sexual activity between consenting adults can be pleasurable and fun. Just because there is an exchange of financial compensation shouldn't reduce this aspect into criminality as Rape Relief desires. Sometimes sex workers enjoy the work, other times, they don't. This isn't any different than regular sex. Sometimes its good. Other times not so good.

QBert claims that women selling their bodies perpetuates the idea of men having power over women. Again, this stance is so deeply flawed since this position really states that any women who engages in sexual activity with males, are all perpetuating men having power over women. This is really distorted thinking and really sad.

QBert then claims, there is a gross inequality as a result of a sex transaction This rationale is also deeply flawed since what creates inequality in society is oppression and ignorance. The laws as they are enacted are responsible for creating divisions. To claim that all males are oppressors from birth as the concept of patriarchy does, which Rape Relief adheres to, is way-out-there thinking. At one time, males were conditioned that females were in need of their protection. In fact, even today, many women, feel comforted, having a male who they trust and love as their protector and provider. And there is nothing wrong with this. To say that this is patriarchy is foolhardy.

QBert claims johns fuel the sex trade. Again, this rationale is distorted and false. In the sex trade there must be a customer and provider. You can't have one without the other. They are dependent on one another and to criminalize one or both aspects goes against Canadian law which clearly states that the exchange of money for sex is perfectly legal. For Rape Relief to want one aspect of the sex trade criminalized is an oppressive measure.

On the transsexual front, QBert claims as does Rape Relief, that transsexuals have the life experience of growing up male and this is a irrevocable part of how they are treated by society. This stance of Rape Relief and QBert demonstrates ignorance and is clearly oppressive. Transsexuals do not adhere to the gender conditions placed on them at birth. Moreover, every single primary transsexual that I know, myself included, claim not to have this life experience of growing up male, since we never fit into or exhibited what is considered normative male behavior, especially in our younger years. To say, as a result that we are forever viewed as our birth gender because gender is irrevocable, is utter nonsense. This backwater thinking put forward by Rape Relief that gender is irrevocable sets in motion potentially dangerous precedents.

Will Rape Relief and the ilk of types like QBert next claim, that transformed females (transsexuals) should be criminalized because we undertook physical appearance and sometimes medical changes, which brought our bodies into congruency with what our hearts and minds were telling us? A position which they deem to be irrevocable in the perception of others in society?

If this type of Rape Relief thinking prevails, than gays and lesbians should never have affirmed and embraced their lifestyle because there are those in society (vocal majority) who deem homosexuality to be going against nature and logically, these oppressors can justify and engage in oppressiveness by claiming that nature must forever and ever remain static.

Jamie Lee Hamilton

Post from QBert

" I don't even know where to start to respond to this. The post relies on stereotyping and hyperbole to make a convoluted point. It is full of errors and faulty logic. I will divide my response into sections.Rape Relief and lesbians as man-haters: One of the oldest stereotypes in the book. I am a man and have worked closely with Rape Relief. My support and ideas were always welcomed. They in turn supported me. Rape Relief opposes male dominance in society, but not men in particular. And lesbians don't "dislike" men. They just dislike having sex with them. Sex for money being "for enjoyment and pleasure":If I offer you the choice of $20, or sucking my cock for $20, and you just take the $20, then you sucking my cock for $20 has nothing to do with enjoyment or pleasure. Inequality being maintained by laws: Laws are but one aspect of the perpetuation of patriarchy. Social values and broadly moderated messages also contribute. Having women selling their bodies to men perpetuates the idea that men should have power over women whether it is legal or not. As such, Rape Relief opposes prostitution in all its forms. Your comment about the Pickton murders was really distasteful. On charging johns creating inequality: There already is gross inequality in a sex transaction. Focussing on johns acknowledges this and goes after those who fuel the sex trade.On the transsexual issue: Rape Relief does not claim male-to-female trans people are men. They simply claim they have the life experience of growing up male, and that this is an irrevocable part of how they have been treated by society ".