Friday, July 14, 2006



On Thursday, July 13, I was invited to a meet and greet for Liberal MP and leadership contender, Scott Brison. I had only met Mr. Brison once before and this was during the last federal election.

Mr. Brison at 39 years of age will enjoy a long career in politics. No doubt about that. He is genuinely sincere and you can feel in the pit of your stomach, the honesty he exudes. He is running among a pack of 11 aspirants for Liberal leader and I'm not sure where Mr. Brison is in relation to the rest of the pack.

But for me he stands right up there with other favourites of friends of mine.

One thing stood out for me while chatting with Mr. Brison. His compassion and respect for others who may share a different political outlook is invigorating.

Scott Brison has won a few different elections while belonging to two different parties and the reason becomes clear. He holds true to his convictions and people respect him for this. They believe in his honesty. Of course, his good looks and charm only add to his genuine warm spirit.

Some may criticize Mr. Brison for leaving the Conservative party from which he was originally elected. But electors in his riding in Nova Scotia gave him a clear mandate when he crossed the floor and ran under the Liberal banner.

Scott Brison came out not to long ago as a gay man and did not feel comfortable with Stephen Harper as Conservative leader. On sheer principle, Mr Brison had no other re-course than to join a party which shared his fundamental values of respect, equality and justice. Of course, if I knew Scott Brison then, I would have advised him on sheer principle to slap the Beatch (Mr. Harper of course). Oops I can't say that can I?

So now to my disclaimer. I have come to love Hedy Fry. She is a woman and a person of colour. I know she has faced oppression in life as I have. She has tirelessly fought on behalf of sex trade workers and GLBT people. Mr. Brison no doubt has done the same. He has shared with me that he is willing to speak out on this issue of national importance.

So I'm faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, Hedy should have my support and in many ways she does. Scott Brison though is part of my community and he equally deserves my support. He and Hedy both have my respect. I must say, though, I would love to see Parliament Hill shaken up. Can you imagine Canada electing our first gay Prime Minister? And whoever the boyfriend of Mr. Brison is, since he would be our first Gentleman, I just hope he has great fashion sense. The residence of the Prime Minister is in dire need of a fabulous makeover! And Hedy of course, I think would be an equally fabulous Deputy Prime Minister.

So wherever these two candidates wind up, I just pray they are not at the bottom of the heap. Being true grits should allow them to be in the middle, as where most Canadians are.

In this leadership race, will this amazing twosome be able to inch and shake their way beyond the middle of the pack? Now wouldn't that capture Canada's imagination? It already has mine!!!

Jamie Lee Hamilton