Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Oh Not Another One--Oh Yes Indeed

Well the Vision AGM came amid much fanfare and the evening progressed--I'm told-- like an impotent political-fest and proceeded as plan.

According to a source, a new journalist who is now calling himself the new Fotheringham, informs the Vision meeting was a well oiled and well organized affair. Well perhaps Vision can lay claim to the well oiled part, considering the many trips to the bar its founder made.

Yes Senator, your such a joy when being the bar boy, buying everyone drinks is your style we know, but it isn't always about the bar flow ya know.

Speaking Of the Senator, his less frequent companion these days, former Mayoral candidate, Jim Green, was also seen working the happy-planet crowd. I'm told Larry and Curly, er, I mean Jim, resembled Visionistas fashionistas book-ends.

The Gangsta looks Mr. Green and Mr. Campbell favour, are highly entertaining, especially considering their ages but someone needs to remind these beyond middle-aged pooh-bahs that they aren't rapper boys--not even close and in case, Mr. Green hasn't figured it out yet, it takes more than looking like a Gangsta to win political office.

Speaking of da Vision, how Green/Campbell protege, Councillor Raymond Louie can keep a straight face, while professing his party to have broad public appeal is like trying to keep a straight face saying that the political stretch marks of the happy founders are expanding.

Three Hundred members showing up at a meeting which included mainly labour types and NDP'rs doesn't reflect broad political appeal. COPE had that same number at their AGM and yes of course Raymond, I realize you are a number cruncher and notwithstanding your claims, that a number of federal backroom Liberals brought to the party courtesy of the happy happy Senator-- but it's still questionable whether these back-roomers can secure you a municipal majority. Look what they accomplished for Prime Minister Martin. Back-roomers indeed.

Of course, NDP MLA, Mr. Gregor Robertson, as expected, was in attendance. Considering he plans on running for Mayor Da Vinci, oh wait that was 2002, sorry Gregor, I guess Mayor Da Vinci was busy channeling again. At what point though do you plan on announcing your run?

I ask this, because, I'm not certain poor Tim can take too many of the Senator's part-tays. Oh poor poor Tim. I do hope someone made sure he had a ride home?

Anyway, the Vision AGM came and went and I understand a number of new NDP faces are part of the board and of course, the old stand-bys, those relics from Larry's Party days remain in place.

I wish you Visionistas well and that includes you too Heather. It should be a very interesting 10 months. By the way, I wouldn't be taking any advice from those Visionistas-Fashionistas book-ends. Your much younger and I suspect have way more sense.

The only thing certain since forming and undergoing a few name changes, is the new Vision is the old Vision.

Vancouver citizens now though are presented with a much clearer Vision. Spawned by the labour movement is one thing but being the NDP municipal farm team is quite another. Whether citizens want that farm team directly involved at City Hall--well-- we'll see.

Jamie Lee Hamilton