Monday, August 11, 2008


John Spark Speaks Out

I must agree with you, Jamie Lee, completely.

While it may be polically expediant, and in the very short run somewhat progressive, to suggest that the homeless issue would in any way be assisted by housing our most marginalized citizens in destitute conditions, with no running water, with no toilets, showers or cooking facilities, the more realistic solution would be to push - and push hard - for some real solutions to the lack of low income housing in our region, and to force the current round of Civic Candidates to state publicly how they would be willing, once elected, to offer some concrete solutions to this URGENT issue which has not recieved the press time it should.

What does it say about us as a communiity that we decide it is a progressive move to house poor families in tents, yes in tents, in public parks, rather than commit to a massive capital investment in real, long term housing for the poor, rather than a pathetic band-aid solution of "allowing" these individuals and families to exist in the park. PLEASE!

It is interesting to note how all of the Civic Governments have managed to work together over the years on issues of Public transit, polution management, and dare I say the nasty "O" word - the OLYMPICS - it is shameful at best that the same effort has not been witnessed in the battle against homelesness.

Shame on all of us, and in particular the insult that a tent city is some sort of blessing, or even partial solution. Would any of the candidates choose to raise their children as they are proposing others should do?

I congratulate you, Jamie Lee, on not hopping on this unfortunate bandwagon. Keep up the good work!

John Spark