Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Hi All,

After myself and another tenant sent in our written complaints to BC Housing, alleging misuse of the public's money and other fraudulent activities occurring at DERA, I have received a letter from DERA's legal counsel demanding a retraction, removal of my blog and an apology. Failure to do so, I have been informed will result in legal action for libel.

Of course, I stand by my blog posting (Fraudulent Activity at DERA) and my written complaints to BC Housing. Moreover, I refuse to apologise since I was brought up to always speak the truth. In fact, it should be DERA apologising for stealing housing earmarked for the poor and rewarding it to staff, friends and insiders (Anti Poverty Committee members, among others), many who are earning between $19.00 - $32.00 an hour, including ample benefits.

Regarding my complaints, I have all the evidence proving wrongdoing by DERA. APC and DERA can sue all they want. The facts and evidence speak for itself.

Profoundly troubling, the lawyer representing DERA is the President of the BC Civil Liberties Association.

While I agree that everyone is entitled to legal representation, I question where, Mr Jason Gratl's, legal fees in relation to representing DERA is coming from? If any money is taken from BC Housing Subsidies or other government funding in order to pay his hefty legal fees, I would challenge that Mr. Gratl may possibly be acting unethically. It is incumbent of this lawyer to go on record stating that NO BC Housing subsidy money or governmeent funding is being paid to him for his legal assistance to DERA.

If Mr. Gratl does not go on the record, stating clearly, that he is assured that no government funding provided to DERA is going toward his legal fees, he may well find himself the subject of a complaint to the Law Society of British Columbia.

Stay tuned folks for the particulars of any legal action!

Jamie Lee Hamilton