Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Rabid Reporter Hasiuk Again Takes Aim at Libby Davies

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Rabid Reporter Hasiuk Takes Aim at Libby Davies

Opinion by Jamie Lee Hamilton

Rabid ultra Conservative Vancouver Courier columnist Mark Hasiuk once again attacks MP Libby Davies because she has opposed a recent bill introduced by the Conservatives with drafting assistance by Benjamin Perrin which will target multi-cultural sex workers. Mr Hasiuk is making a career for himself by falsely claiming as are the Salvation Army, Benjamin Perrin and Prostitution Abolitionists that human sex trafficking is a major problem in Vancouver. These people are exploiting an issue and targetting migrant sex workers claiming them to be victims of sex traffickers. Many of these sex workers are Asian and have been unfairly targeted by Hasiuk and his supporters which is due to overt racism. There is no reliable data to back up these wild claims by Hasiuk, Perrin, Sally Ann and others although in the case of the Salvation Army and researcher Benjamin Perrin who receive funds based on their sensationalism, it doesn't hurt to have a friend like Hasiuk in the press. Hasiuk et al claim that the Olympics will bring many trafficked sex workers into Vancouver which is untrue. In fact, many sex workers actively involved in the trade who I speak with regularly are planning on traveling out of country during the two week Olympics to make better money abroad. Many of my friends cite the increased security zones and customers not being able to easily reach them so they decided to travel to Asia and Europe during this period.

Prostitution is here to stay so let's make it safe for sex workers. We don't need any more murders in this City. Please reject false claims that are being made by the moral right which include the Conservative party, the local chapter of the moral right which include lobbyists like Mark Hasiuk, Benjamin Perrin, Salvation Army, Prostitution Abolitionists like Rape Relief and others.

Jamie Lee Hamilton