Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The May 12 provincial election is just around the corner and two prominent members of the GLBT community are set to announce their campaigns.

Laura McDiarmid the just stepped down Vice-President of PRIDE and a former Vice-Chair and Chair of the Vancouver Park Board will officially announce at an event on March 30 her candidacy for the BC Liberals. Ms McDiarmid plans to run against the very popular Spencer Herbert who was just elected 6 months ago in the Van-Burrard by-election and who will be seeking the newly created seat of Vancouver-West End. I'm not sure if Mr Herbert is considered an incumbent once the writ is dropped but Ms McDiarmmid will have her hands full, taking on the high spirited Spencer who is extremely well liked. If Ms McDiarrmid can shed her traditional former campaign style and run an equally high spirited campaign, this race could be close. Drina Read is running for the BC Green Party

In the riding of Vancouver Mount Pleasant, longtime PRIDE President John Boychuk has an event planned where it is expected that he will be announcing his intention to seek the Van-Mt Pleasant seat under the BC Green Party.

Mr. Boychuk co-owns a business at Main and Broadway and his mother was a longtime waitress at the Dodson Hotel on East Hastings Street. Mr Boychuk will be going up against NDP Jenny Kwan who has held the seat since 1996. This of course is an NDP stronghold but with the new buildings being constructed and with Liberal support falling in the last federal election by 6% expect Mr Boychuk to do very well. Especially if he can obtain the newer residents votes.

The Van-Mt Pleasant riding also has the second largest gay demographic in Vancouver and if Mr Boychuk receives this community's blessing, expect him to strongly challenge Ms Kwan. The BC Liberals have not yet announced their candidate for this riding.

Jamie Lee Hamilton