Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


While the Pickton trial is on, I have decided to post a series called IN HARMS WAY.

Yesterday, I informed my readership that I would post an email that I received from a male customer of the Venus Theatre. As you can see, many survival sex trade workers are being harmed at the Venus. Notice how the police removed the female sex worker and did nothing to the good old boy who was watching a porn movie. Great city we have isn't it--Jamie Lee.

And now for the "incident"

- Last Thursday afternoon, Emma (I'd only seen her once before)
arrived with a "date". The two of them sat together on a couch in the
front of the balcony and began to make out (hands only, as far as I
could see from a couple of rows back). I overheard a guy in front of me
saying that he thought she was going to rip him off, and sure enough,
while he was groping her body, she was groping his wallet - removing it
from his pocket and stuffing it under the couch pillows. She also
appeared to remove something from it and stuff it down her left pant
leg, apparently behind her knee.
- Emma then proceeded to give the guy a hand job which lasted about 5
minutes or so. Shortly after cumming, the guy must have checked his
pockets and realized what had happened because he jumped out and
shouted "You stole my wallet - give it back!" to which she responded
"No I didn't" and tried to get up and leave. The guy wasn't going to
allow this, and pushed her back on the couch and sat on her, repeating
his demand to get his wallet back. She wasn't about to give up the
wallet though, and kicked and fought to prevent him from searching her.
At this point, I thought things were getting too far out of hand and
went and told the manager guy that it might be a good idea to call 911.
His response? - "I no speak English good". Fortunately, someone else
with a cell phone did call.
Amazingly, when I returned to the balcony, 3 guys had intervened in
the situation. I believe they were somehow able to convince the guy
that if he got up off of her and let her off the couch, they would make
sure that she didn't get away. Once they were off the couch they were
able to retrieve the wallet from under the couch pillows. Unfortunately
about $40 and a credit card were missing from the wallet. Upon
realizing this, the guy got mad again and Emma tried to get away but
the guy jumped on her again. The guys helped separate them and after
standing up, the credit card miraculously appeared on the floor right
by where Emma had been standing (must have fallen out of her pant
leg?), however the $40 was still missing. The guy grabbed Emma bag from
beside the couch and grabbed the $25 dollars which he had paid her
earlier - this really upset Emma (she threw one of her shoes at him),
but the consensus of all the guys (interveners & "victim") was that
this would be fair.
- At this point (after the situation had been resolved/diffused), the
police finally showed up. Emma was obviously known to them, and they
escorted her outside. A group of 4 cops then took they guy to the
upstairs lobby and "questioned" him (gave him a bit of a hard time) for
about 10 minutes before leaving.

- Fred