Wednesday, January 05, 2005


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Hi All!

I have posted down below a few quotes from Carmela Allevato, the past chair of COPE and their 1996 Mayoral candidate.

Ms Allevato has recently signed on as part of the Friends of Larry Campbell group, who many of you know split from the COPE caucus as a result of his dislike for politicians who dis-agree with him. Primarily Mayor Larry Campbell could no longer stomach progressive Councilors Tim Louis, Fred Bass along with a few others.

Ms Allevato in this October 16, 2002, public announcement was glowing about Councilor Louis and Bass. Now just two years later, she appears bent on knifing them in the back as she throws her support behing the Friends of Larry Campbell, which at it's press conference just before Xmas boasted of having three members.

Councilor Louis and Bass I'd say are wise to be rid of her. With Friends like her, who needs enemies.

Enjoy the quote folks! - Jamie Lee

October 16, 2002

Our COPE representatives at city council and school board have always put the interests of Vancouver citizens first, standing up for a more democratic, green, inclusive, prosperous and safe city," said COPE Co-chair Carmela Allevato. "They have all done an excellent job on behalf of the citizens of this city and deserve to once again represent our party in November's election."
"For the past three years, Councillors Tim Louis and Fred Bass have advocated for progressive solutions to the drug crisis, better transit, a cleaner environment and affordable housing," said COPE Co-chair Carmela Allevato.