Friday, December 03, 2004


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Hi All!

Well as some of you may have read in the, an aboriginal lawyer Terry LaLiberte is being considered for the vacated police board position. I'm certain everyone remembers the esteemed Kelly MacDonald resigning due to issues of an undisclosed nature. Ms MacDonald, in a last gesture of democratic will, has made several key recommendations to council regarding the appointmet.

Other names under consideration for the police board are Headlines Theatre artistic director, David Diamond. Am Johal, who worked closely with Councilor Jim Green on the Impacts of the Olympics on the Downtown Eastside Committee is a name being floated about.

I suspect, that the top candidates are Mr Diamond and Mr LaLiberte.

Rumour has it that Councilor Tim Louis is bringing forward the name of David Diamond. The Mayor under the influence of Councilor Jim Green is touting Am Johal as his choice. Ellen Woodsworth is putting forward the name of Mr LaLiberte.

What is really interesting about this scenario is that the two NPA councilors, Sam Sullivan and Peter Ladner will have considerable influence in who the successful appointee is.

I suspect the individual chosen will either be Mr LaLiberte or Mr Diamond. Both would serve the city well. My feeling though is Mr Diamond will lose out to LaLiberte due to not having a legal background.Councilor Green's chosen one for obviously good reason will not rank in the top two.

Another blow to Mayor Campbell. Chalk another one up for Democracy!

Jamie Lee Hamilton