Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


I've been thinking lately about the Vancouver, BC sex trade and the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics and how things will go once February hits.

How will business be is what many Vancouver Sex Workers are wondering and it is hard to determine.

Many sex workers who live in the Downtown/West End are questioning whether they may encounter difficulties since the whole area seems to be in an Olympic secure zone. Even providing outcall services to the Hotels may prove problematic especially around loss of parking spaces and taxi's may be so busy and slow moving that clients may encounter lengthy wait times which could be mood destroying especially if the service providers take forever to arrive at their destination.

It seems customers of the trade may choose to access providers who are located outside the Downtown area and this could provide a boom for services offered outside the downtown core.

The Kingsway strip has a thriving red-light area which the geographical boundaries primarily stretch from Fraser up to Joyce Street and beyond. I suspect because the Seymour Track downtown which was already struggling may be supplanted by the Kingsway Track as the place to seek out those naughty pleasures. Plus there are a number of indoor rub and tugs already along the Kingsway stretch and traffic will run much smoother in this area which has no Olympic secure zones.

I've been thinking of perhaps running a temporary red-light information exchange from my business at 1874 Kingsway which would really assist international visitors navigate the myriad of adult industry businesses and red-light districts here in Vancouver, BC.

Coming up with names should be fun. Red-Light Vancouver 2010 has a certain cachet to it.

Will keep everyone posted!

Tricia Foxx