Saturday, July 31, 2004


Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside

Hi All,

Its Saturday, the evening b4 Gay Pride. Tonite, I'll be doing up a couple of Ladies and the three of us will go to the Body Perve Fetish Night at the historic Lotus hotel. This night is run by Velvet Steel, a good friend of mine who also starred in KINK. I hardly visit the Fetish night as I always seem to be busy the last Saturday of the month when its held. Velvet will be in for a surprise. I'll probably go in a black corset, tight mini skirt, garters and seam stockings. This seem to be the usual attire. After a night of being with my friends, I'll head up Kingsway and do Prostitution outreach. Kingsway has become a popular spot for the younger girls. I think its important to get these girls politically organized.

Then tomorrow Sunday, its a day of madness and mayhem as the Big Ole Gay Parade winds its way along Denman Street. This year, I'll be watching the parade from Pepitas Mexican Cafe with my friends Don and Fern. I hope this year that those radical NDP women refrain from bearing their breasts. I've seen Men with Bigger Tatas. They are such a disappointment!!!! I must suggest to Hooters that they consider next year putting in a Float. I'll fill everyone in tomorrow on these 2 days.

Until then............Stay Safe and Remember No Glove No Play!

Jamie Lee Hamilton
(604) 781-3361