Friday, November 09, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Orville Mader, a BC resident and charged pedophile, who like other sexual deviants, use Southeast Asia and other poverty-stricken countries as hunting grounds for their disgusting carnal pleasures, however, make no mistake folks these sexual deviants also operate locally. The Don Bakker case is a prime example of this. Mr. Bakker is a convicted sexual sadist and predator who targeted fifty drug addicted Downtown Eastside women to fulfill his disgusting fantasies.

Mr Mader hasn't been charged locally but was arrested here as a result of alleged crimes committed in Thailand. Why he hasn't been charged under our sex tourism laws remain unclear.
Our justice system which has a golden tenet of innocence until proven guilty allowed Mr Mader to walk free with bail conditions of $5,000 bond and $1,000 in cash.

A few minor restrictions were imposed which forbids Internet access and not being allowed to own a cellphone.

Our justice system believes that if it restricts Mr. Mader's Internet access that somehow he doesn't pose a risk to children. Granting him liberty rights to freely roam about is a complete disregard and affront to humanity.

These pedophiles are usually intellectually-- highly developed and are cunning in their swath of damage and destruction. They often go unnoticed in our communities because they come across as regular, caring, contributing members of society. Many are educators and therefore are considered trusting individuals which provides them unlimited access to children.

I am of the opinion that these criminals lack a moral compass. They cannot control their impulses which is problematic. Their disgusting actions places our most vulnerable at extreme risk.

Why our justice system skirts around this issue is also deeply concerning.

Prohibiting Internet access to these deviants will not reduce the risk to our most vulnerable. In fact, big business is involved in the production, selling and marketing of child pornography.

These sexual predators operate within a wide network of sexual deviancy communities. While the Internet has provided readily easy access to this depravity, there are many other ways child pornography and child exploitation occurs. Much of it is underground, however, again, is relatively accessible.

Pedophiles are not treatable or curable. We cannot allow them the same freedoms as law-abiding citizens. The costs to society are just too great if we do.

The reason, Mr. Mader came back to Canada from abroad is that he knows our legal system will accord him more rights. He can also escape harsher penalties. He is manipulating our system and this is why we must revamp certain sections of our criminal code.

While innocent until proven guilty is a noble ideal, when it comes to crimes against humanity including sex crimes against children, I think most citizens would agree that this legal concept isn't acceptable in instances of a depraving nature.

The case of Mr. Mader is a glaring example of how our justice system needs fixing.

I want to make clear that I not believe in the death penalty and reject this as the answer. Pedophiles though cannot be allowed to be live freely in society.

Harsh lifetime jail sentencing must be considered as a way of keeping children and society safe from these heinous crimes.

Jamie Lee Hamilton