Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Yesterday at Council, the decision not to allow Wal-Mart into Vancouver created a real race for this November's civic election. It also caused Mayor Campbell to finally decide once and for all that being Mayor isn't of his own choosing. To say that Councillor Jim Green took the boots to him would be an understatement.

Actually, I'm not certain whether Mayor Larry knew what hit him when Councillors Jim Green, Tim Stevenson and Raymond Louie voted with their estranged COPE mates who they started out the council term with. In the process of the Wal-Mart debate, Councillors Green and friends decided their butter was better buttered with their Union pals who fiercely opposed Wal-Mart for its supposed anti union animus.

Mr Green and friends knew they could not be re-elected without Union money and decided that Mayor Larry's name wasn't enough to get them re-elected in November. Of course Jim Green once ran for Mayor in 1990 and since being elected in 2002 as City Councillor, has had designs on the Mayor's chair. But first he needed to get Mayor Larry out of the way.

When it came time for the vote on Wal-Mart you could see the expression on Mayor Larry's face. It said, you bastard Green you betrayed me and I'll get even with you.

Tomorrow morning at 9 am Mr Larry Campbell has called a press conference. At it he will announce he is not seeking re-election. Will Jim Green, Tim Stevenson and Raymond Louie be beside him as they were when he announced he was splitting from COPE? I'd say likely not! The press announcement is to get even with Jim Green.

Jim Green will have another dogfight on his hands over the summer as COPE Councillor David Cadman also wants to be Mayor. Labour is behind Jim Green while the COPE caucus is behind Mr Cadman. Labour will win the day on this one since they have all the cash.

Expect Jim Green up against the popular Peter Ladner for Mayor. It will be Mr Ladner in a landslide as the business community will now throw all their money behind Mr Ladner.

Jim Green I've waited a long time to say this. Kiss Today Goodbye and I'll gladly point you toward tomorrow. Next time you go to the washroon at Panama Jack's, mention my name and I'm certain you'll get a good seat. It just won't be the Mayor's dear!

Jamie Lee Hamilton