Sunday, May 13, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Today, is a day to honour the wonderful mothers who provide the existence of life. Nourishing their children from the moment of conception to raising their offspring to be well rounded and decent citizens, at times, is no easy chore. In fact, its really hard work and so this day is a special time to say Thank You to all those terrific Moms.

Even if our Mothers are no longer with us, we often think of them and on Mothers day, many of us recall the wonderful, cherished memories of our loved ones.

My own Mother was a truly special, warm and compassionate woman who I am indeed grateful, was my life guide. She always taught me to speak up regarding any injustices I witnessed. She instilled in me values which I live by. Always treat your fellow citizen with respect and dignity. She repeated to me often, to always speak your truth, even if others are hesitant to do so. I attempt to do this often, even when at times, it is difficult. Its my own way of honouring the beautiful spirit of my Mother.

So today, without my own Mom around, I will not be sad as I have been invited to address the Prime-Timers, a gay Seniors fraternal group who through their own life histories and knowledge, bring wisdom, compassion and courage to this sometimes crazy world. And as I deliver my presentation, I will be thinking of all those wonderful Mothers who with their own special unique children, stood steadfastly by them, supporting them and spreading that wonderful message of peace and goodwill.

So whether you are gay, straight, single or married, revel in today, cherish it and whatever you do, just keep promoting those unique and wonderful ingredients which have always sustained life and motherhood.

Jamie Lee Hamilton