Monday, August 02, 2010

The New Nazi's

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

The New Nazi's

I am deeply saddened over the New Nazi's operating within our communities. Canada has welcomed many people here from different parts of the world because we are an open society which supports people fleeing their homelands and provides opportunities to start over again.

This is what I love about our country but I am deeply concerned that this group Queers against Israel seem to have only one focus and that is to spread hate against the Jewish people and Israel.

To single out Israel as an oppressor state is wrong as the Queers against Israel are doing. This group has infiltrated our community (has anyone heard of them before) and in reality they are using the Muslim community in an attempt to shake off the growing suspicion that they are indeed our modern day Nazi's.

These New Nazi's gain traction because they have Muslim allies and this provides them some cover or at least they think that.

Instead of being all white, they think they can shake off the Nazi tag by working with Muslim haters of Israel.

We can not allow this group to gain traction and if you notice they are highly secretive and are allowing the Muslim dupes to do their dirty work.

But who are these people? Well perhaps the Media especially the Queer press should undertake an investigative approach to find out who they are, what their backgrounds are, what they have ever achieved for the GLBT communities and this even bigger question needs answering which is why have they just suddenly appeared in our communities?

Jamie Lee Hamilton