Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


A new initiative started by Peter Ormesher, the outreach chair--on leave-- of the NPA, called Unite the City, is coming together and for very good reason. As a result of the increasingly partisan nature and subsequent partisan attacks happening within our municipal governance structure, city business has become so bogged down in continuous council spats, which isn't at all serving the citizenry well.

Mr. Ormesher has set about to change this and soon his group will be bringing folks together from across the political spectrum who are deeply concerned about our City's future.

Unite the City has started a Facebook group, and I'm told that a social 'party' will soon be held.

Until the 'party' starts, in the meantime, check out the Facebook group and posted below is an excerpt from the Unite the City manifesto---JLH


Unite the City' is a social 'party' being formed to connect the people of Vancouver in anticipation of our civic elections in November 2008. We embrace the ideal that good ideas and worthwhile solutions come from the entire political spectrum, not just the left, right or centre. There is no sustainable social progress without a strong economy, and no complete sense of community well being when so many needlessly suffer. The human spectrum is not divided; it stands together to face the scourge of poverty, environmental threat, crime and homelessness. Further, we all seek happy and meaningful lives, regardless of income, race, colour or religion. A city divided by its leaders is missing the greatest opportunity to solve the problems we face, especially from getting the most from its many talented people. We will support candidates that embrace this ideal.