Thursday, April 08, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Yes it's true folks. Believe it or not but Vancouver homelessness has increased 12% under the watch of the NDP municipal regime at City Hall.

How is it Vision when you ride into power on the homelessness bandwagon and under your watch, homelessness increases? How is this possible? Why?

It appears that the NDP Vision group are unsure how to move forward on this issue. Their solution was to spend millions warehousing people in pews and on mats in old decrepit warehouses and an ugly smelly church so perhaps they could say that the numbers of homeless on our streets have decreased as they now have space on pews and mats but since when has a pew or mat been considered a home?

Who has really benefited from warehousing the poor and sick of our City? Ah yes most likely it is the Povertarians who again due to their caring nature are there in these dark times managing the poor in conditions which are far from ideal. Actually the conditions are similar I'm sure to hell.

There needs to be a national housing strategy and the group who should be leading that charge are Vancouver City planners. But where have they been in regard to development of social housing in this City? It seems they will bend over backwards for large scale casinos and other up in the sky forms of development but nowhere have I seen any vision when it comes to the development of affordable housing in this City and mark my words this City has the worst homelessness in all of Canada.

I highly doubt another election will fix the problem as those with the power seem only too happy to continue with their self-serving ways.

An example of this is the recent $34,000 that the City has earmarked on a party for City staff. This is to thank them for their work during the Olympics, yet these same staff already were earning income for the associated Olympic work so why a free party paid for by the taxpayers? I think the taxpayers would find this a frivolous waste of their hard earned tax dollars.

Is there something wrong with the above picture folks?

Seems to me that the City has its priorities wrong and with an election not that far down the road, City Hall may want to reflect on their decreasing public support. What is happening cannot be considered productive public service.

Just being there for your friends and supporters is not a way to govern. And I think it is despicable that Vision provided complimentary tickets to former Councillor Jim Green for the Olympic games. Why Mr Green would even accept free tickets is odd considering his claims of being a champion of the poor.

And there you have it folks another day in the life of the people we trust to do the public's business.

Wonderful isn't it?

Jamie Lee Hamilton