Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Well I don't feel a day over 50 but why was I sleeping on and off all day. It's probably because 50 only comes once and I had the Time of my Life! Being blasted into orbit and returned to the Pendera in the wee wee hours was a journey I'll never forget. Thanks Mel Lehan and to the goddess Danielle for keeping me up to 6am!

Thank You to Ryan Warawa, James Loewen and Rosamond Norbury for taking so many photographs. Thanks to Miss Jaylene for the makeover. Talk about an instant facelift!!!

A big heartfelt thanks to the Mark James family (Gail, Suzy, Mickey, Jonathan, Mark and the unforgettable SaraLee for making the night so memorable)! Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Lotus for showering us with wonderful hospitality (Dylan, Stacy, Jesse and the gang).

Thank You to the amazing Drag community for coming out in sheer numbers to make this night one to cherish forever. My god you DIVAS and Boy Leads know how to Strut! Thank You Carlotta Gurl, Pussy, Hazzzel, Mz Adrien, Sin.D, Nina Ricci De VanderVogue and Teddy, Miss Gay Vancouver Vickie, Iris Carrington as Tina Turner-you are Amazing-I think Suzanne Anton is still blushing, Stephanie Blaze, Jill Richards and Mr John Taylor. Thank You to Imtiaz and Mark, our DJ's!

To the SubHumans - you guys know how to rock! You are Timeless! Gerald Hannah--my friend Danielle wants your thang! Brian you really work that stage! I think you were a Draq Queen in a previous Life. Thank You!

Gloria Hole and the Cinnamon Hearts troup, what a show. Thank You!

Mark Townsend - you are so Handsome, Thank You for all the work that you and Liz do. The Portland makes a difference in so many lives! Bringing us the band was a gift I'll cherish always!

Pearl Limousine, Thank You for chauffering our entertainers! Stuart Folland and Cal Woodruff--Thank You for the website design! Holly Gardner, my financial agent, I adore you Sis! Thank You! Dan Grice, I can't wait!

To my Master of Ceremonies, Jim Deva, Becki Ross, David Holtzman, Shirley Chan and Andrea Reimer- I love you all! Former MP for Van-East ART LEE Thank You for gracing us with your attendance--Daughter Kendra--it was great seeing you again!

To my b'day presenters, Mr Stephen Rogers, Dr. Becki Ross, Connie Fogal-Rankin and Chief Scott Clark---Thank You Thank You Thank You!

To my beloved Sister Gail and my brother-in-law Daniel, I love you! Thanks for being there for me! I hope you loved the Show!

To Sam Sullivan - You are my Mayor already dear! Your strength, quiet determination, compassion and integrity is a model for others to follow. I hope the show wasn't too risque for you and Lynn!

Valerie Jenkinson Go you DIVA Go! BC Lee thanks for attending and until that day I can't wait! You are both going to be fantastic City Councillors! Commissioner Suzanne Anton, I respect and admire you!

Laura McDiarmid, if I haven't told you this enough times already you are my most cherished Goddess Dyke. On Equal par with my most Fabulous Lipstik Lesbian Goddess Dr. Becki Ross. And tell me the truth dear-are those breasts re-done dear? They are just too perky for a mom dear!

Most of all Thanks to my cherished Friends from all Walks of Life who attended and Celebrated this historic milestone with me--You are my Inspiration now and forever More! You keep me going! You sustain me! You breathe Life into me! Sandra, I'm going to get you for those chocolats dear!

I remain,

The DIVA of the Downtown Eastside
holding at 50

Jamie Lee Hamilton
and my alter ego
Tricia Foxx