Sunday, March 13, 2005


Hi All!


In the recent edition of Xtra, owned by Pink Triangle Press, the gay press is crying the blues because they didn't get on the list of speakers to present at the upcoming parliamentary hearings on solicitation.

Sorry to tell you this PTP and XTRA, but this issue is about the solicitation laws, not just the bawdy house section of the criminal code, as you have continually articulated.

In fact you had the same opportunities as sex pro activists to affect prostitution law reform, however, your attempts to silence sex trade workers voices, backfired, and you haven't anyone else to blame but yourselves.

As I recall, Pink Triange Press and Xtra in your manifesto for change calls, you centered solely around the bawdy house section of the criminal code. In fact, you said you were not addressing the issue of prostitution law reform, since this matter had other concerns around safety and health issues.

What you really tried to do PTP and Xtra is sell out the basic human rights of sex trade workers because you believed as white middle class gay men, that your privilege, influence and better economic status in society would prevail over the voices of sex workers, who for the most part have been stigmatized and marginalized.

Talk about the big sell out and the big class divide...

And now you are appealing directly to MP Libby Davies, the parliamentary chair on the solicitation hearings, to advance your cause.

Sorry guys, Your 11th hour intervention and last ditch attempt by appealing directly to NDP MP Libby Davies to get on the agenda at the expense of Sex Workers Voices at the upcoming hearings on solicitation will not come at our expense and the need to air the need for prostitution law reform.

Finally, PTP and Xtra, I don't ever recall hearing about murders of gay men in bathhouses. And I've been around the gay community for over three decades. What I will articulate to you, however, is the the violence, murders and genocide of sex trade workers is indisputable.

PTP and Xtra if you continue to push for bawdy house changes at the expense of overall prostitution law reform, your efforts will be met with strong opposition.

I do have a suggestion though for you. Perhaps its time that Xtra and Pink Triangle Press shut your yaps and begin to address real fundamential social change in our society.

Justice should know no class or gender divides. Perhaps PTP and Xtra, its time you figured this out.

And please stop crying the blues, spare me the boo hoos dearies!.

Jamie Lee Hamilton