Sunday, May 25, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Stuart MacKinnon, close friend of former Green party stalwart, Andrea Reimer has tendered his resignation as Chair of the Vancouver Green Party effective May 17, 2008.

Mr. MacKinnon resignation came a few days before the formal announcement by COPE Park Commissioner, Spencer Herbert, to seek the nomination in the newly created provincial riding of Vancouver-West End. There of course is speculation that Mr. MacKinnon's resignation may have something to do with crossing over to the NDP, which it has been alleged that Ms Reimer has also done.

Sources confirm that the written resignation by Mr. MacKinnon to the Vancouver Green Party came in a short three sentence email announcement. Further, I've been informed that Mr. MacKinnon has chosen not to attend the next Green party board meeting scheduled for Monday, May 26, 2008.

Of interest, Mr. MacKinnon wrote a letter to the Vancouver Courier as Chair of the Green Party on May 16, 2008, projecting false information that former Green Park Commissioner, Roslyn Cassells, had never been elected as a Green Park Commissioner.

There is also speculation that Mr. MacKinnon has been enticed to support Vision and Gregor Robertson for Mayor of Vancouver. Of course the last sign up day for Vision would have been 30 days before their nomination meeting set for June 15, 2008. That would make the deadline for becoming a member of Vision May 16, 2007. Moreover, a requirement of Vision is that you cannot be another member of a civic party.

If Mr. MacKinnon chooses to remain in politics and rumours abound that Mr. MacKinnon plans on seeking a Vision Park board nomination, he has some explaining to do especially regarding mis-using his position as Chair of the Vancouver Greens, when he had already resigned or knew that he was resigning as leader of the party.

Jamie Lee Hamilton