Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


OK have you missed me? I've been busy for the past five days with a special guest visitor, the Legendary, Michelle DuBarry from Toronto. It has been a hectic week and my friend departed last night so once again, I'm back to the ole grind er I mean blogging.

Last Thursday, I hosted a special evening at Lick in the Lotus Hotel where my LEGENDS On Stage performed with Michelle in a fundraiser for the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society. Its always pleasurable when using one's abilities to assist another organization. On this special evening we launched Community Bingo and I'm happy to announce it was a success . Thanks to Mark James and Cal Woodruff for sponsoring the event.

On Friday, March 16, I attended the increasing Women's participation in Municipal politics held at the Morris J Wosk centre. It truly is inspiring when you hear about the various ways of encouraging women to enter the political realm. This event was truly non partisan as women from all political stripes attended and were part of the panel. The forum was hosted by City Councillors Suzanne Anton and Heather Deal. CTV anchorwoman, MI-JUNG Lee, did an excellent job of moderating the panel and keeping the politicians succinct and on topic. Concerning though was that there wasn't an Aboriginal Women on the panel, especially considering we have many female elected band Councillors and Chiefs. Perhaps this will be a yearly event and this oversight will be remedied. Of course, all participants were treated to a wonderful working lunch by his worship, Mayor Sam Sullivan. Thanks Sam!

On Saturday, I attended the annual Coronation Ball. This big ole drag ball is a throwback to the Stonewall days when gay people hosted these large Drag extravaganzas. This year Vancouver was celebrating the 35th year of doing noble deeds. I had an incredible time and chatted with our Honourable member of parliament for Vancouver-Centre, Dr Hedy Fry. Hedy always attends this festive evening as do I. Congratulations go out to the stepping down Empress of Vancouver, the lovely Jaylene who treated us to a Fabulous decadent evening. Thanks Jaylene!

On Sunday, I was invited to a wonderful brunch at the notorious Elbow Room Cafe by owners Brian and Patrick. Brian and Patrick are proud members of the Prime Timers gay group and they had invited Aboriginal lawyer and my good friend, Ms Kelly MacDonald to be their guest speaker at their St Patrick day gathering. My visitor from Toronto, Michelle DuBarry and I were both introduced and the Prime Timers requested that I cut their St Paddy's day cake. It was a great honour hearing Kelly speak! And I was thrilled having Kelly and Michelle finally meet since these two incredible goddesses are so dear to me. Michelle is this year's Grand marshall of Toronto Pride and that is quite an honour.

On Monday, I took Michelle into work with me and we had a great time. Many of my co-workers had only met and seen Michelle on Thursday at the show so it was nice for them to say goodbye to her. Michelle and I departed to the airport later around 8pm. I'd like to thank Laura and Brooks for transporting Michelle from and to the airport. Thanks Brooks and Laura!

Arriving back home, I finally caught up on some needed sleep and that was my week in review.

Jamie Lee Hamilton