Sunday, September 25, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


As everyone knows by now our man SAM did what many of us who are grassroots oriented believed he would do. He defeated a candidate with stellar credentials. While Christy Clark did not win the NPA Mayoral nomination yesterday, she came so close. If Ms Clark had had even one or two days more to sign up members, I think the probability of her winning would be a forgone conclusion. Her machine was so big,powerful and well organized that it would have been an impossible feat to beat her. Alas once again, Vancouver will not have the opportunity of selecting a Female Mayor, however, the possibility of CLARK winning demonstrates once again, why Vancouver needs to adopt Electoral and Campaign Finance Reform. But this story can wait to another day.

Back to SAM.

Sam Sullivan is truly amazing. He has guts, charm, compassion and strength. He stood up to the Clark machine and while his competitor for Mayor (Jim Green) may have run away, SAM didn't. He faced a monumental challenge and demonstrated once again why he's a Winner! SAM exemplifies courage, stamina and political smarts. He knows how to get the job done. SAM knows how to mobilize grassroots support and I'm certain, this is going to create many a sleepless night for Jim Green.

I suspect many traditional COPE voters will have a second look at SAM for Mayor now that he has won the NPA Mayoral nomination. Grassroots COPE'rs are not happy that the NDP machine came in and destroyed their municipal party which legendary Vancouver City Councillor and East End raised HARRY RANKIN founded.

SAM is not some zealous right-winger. Sure he is fiscally responsible and accountable to the taxpayers. On social issues, he is far more progressive than many of his COPE counterparts. Just witness, SAM's steadfast belief and championing the principles of harm reduction. SAM is light-years ahead of Councillor Woodsworth and Roberts on Prostitution reform. SAM champions Equality for Gays and Lesbians. He has Drag Queen admirers and even a Transsexual friend! The Asian community adores SAM. He even studied their language and now speaks fluent Cantonese.

To know SAM is to love him. Through his own personal struggles, he has overcome many obstacles. Through these struggles, Compassion was cemented in his Value based system. SAM's record is beyond compare. He stands up for working class families and has great respect for multiculturalism.

SAM is a true blue East End kid who I believe will become our next Mayor. He is the underdog and the average citizen has great respect for Underdogs. They are usually rewarded.

SAM's partner Lynn Zanatta comes from the same East End culture as SAM. Together they are A Love Story. And people love A Love Story!

As an East Ender, this blogwriter awaits the day that Vancouver's First Couple are sworn in.

And as a dyed-in-the-wool East Ender, I'll take SAM any day over an American draft dodger. Because when times are tough SAM won't run away. He will stay put and Rise to protect us the citizens of our great City, in any time of need, crises or emergency. SAM will be there for us. He truly is a Man of the People and I'm voting for him!

I ask citizens of this City to join with me in Celebrating a true Vancouver hero, Mr SAM SULLIVAN!


Jamie Lee Hamilton