Friday, July 16, 2004


Underbelly News
Downtown eastside
Well hi everyone. As expected in the recent edition of the Queer Rag, XtraWest I was lambasted by the managing editor, Gareth Kirkeby for my support of Shirley Chan.
So I have decided to write my response here  as  Gareth  hates to be corrected. Plus  I doubt he will have the guts or balls to print my letter to him. Gareth you see loves to slag people, yet hates it when someone challenges his authority.
So heres my reply to him in shall we say Gay Language!!!  
Amazing Gareth how selective your memory is.

Nice try sweetie but your little dig at me doesn't work. Neither does your claim that, 'how puzzled you were', in regard to my support of Shirley Chan.
Just to refresh your memory, you know exactly why I was supporting Shirley over Libby. In case you forgot, its because Shirley along with Mike Harcourt presided over the first ever Mayoral Proclamation for Gay Pride in our city. Shirley Chan happened to write that proclamation. Shirley, along with Mayor Mike also attended our Big Ole Coronation Balls. Moreover, Shirley's daughter, Emma, started a Gay/Straight Alliance at her school. Shirley is from my neighborhood, she's also Regional Director for Health Canada and in this role was instrumental in ensuring the Downtown Eastside received approval for Canada's first injection site. These are just a few reasons why I supported Shirley. 

And why was it that I didn't support Libby you ask.  Well mainly I found it extremely distasteful, her stance of "Yes I'm now in a same-sex relationship, this, however, doesn't make me a Lesbian and it works for me now is all that matters", is kinda sad.

Finally Gareth perhaps I am a perennial candiadate as you so articulate, however, its better then being a perennial mouthpiece like you.

And besides, in our community Gareth, I think I wear the title DIVA must better then you!!!

Cheers Dear,
Jamie Lee Hamilton