Monday, September 24, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well day one of my healthier eating plan is complete. In the morning, I had a bowl of plain oatmeal. For lunch, I went up to Vancouver Community College to purchase their soup. Because there was a new class of students, there wasn't any soup in the bakery goods kiosk so I settled on a few shrimp salad rolls. I chose to go without the peanut sauce and it made the salad rolls kinda bland but I am certain this was a healthy decision.

Around 4 pm, I had some hunger pangs and ate an apple. For dinner I baked about 6 oz of skinless chicken breast with a small dollop of salsa and steamed broccoli without any sauce. For a snack in the evening, I munched on raw vegetables with a ranch dip that I purchased at the College.

At 9:30pm I went out for a 40 minute brisk walk.

Day 1 complete and I am quite satisfied that I didn't have any diet coke which i tend to have a couple of cans daily. Instead I chose 6 glasses of water and I'm about to have some pure orange juice.

Jamie Lee Hamilton