Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Murder and Mayhem - Additional Charges Needed

Should the Police and Crown be using criminals or quite possibly those who also should be charged with at the very least, accomplices to Murder and Mayhem at the Pickton Farm?

Today, in video-taped evidence submitted by the Crown at day 3 of the trial of accused Mr. Willy Pickton, in the police interrogation of Pickton, police put to Mr. Pickton that an individual named Scott Chub had brought forward evidence that alleges how Mr. Pickton informs this witness of the easiest method to bump off a "junkie prostitute". I will not disclose this evidence as its too gory.

However, Mr. Scott Chub, recently has posted on a message board how he was in witness protection, but was kicked out of the program. He goes on to state that he will be receiving the $100,000.00 reward money which was put up for this missing women cases as a result of pressure by yours truly. He also goes on to state that he has a book deal in the works.

A concern right off the bat is whether the Police or Missing Women's Task Force agreed to a deal of making this reward money available in return for Chubb's testimony? Another concern is at what time did Mr. Chubb come forward to the police with this testimony? How much did Mr. Chubb know and was he an accomplice of any crimes taking place at the isolated farm?

Another serious question is why when it could have made a difference, why didn't Mr. Chubb come forward? Now, he appears to be exploiting the women for his own financial gain and whether this is appropriate under these horrific circumstances needs to be answered.

It seems clear that the Crown will be bringing forward many witnesses of the ilk of Mr. Chubb who willingly had information, but who attempted to cash in first with Mr. Pickton and than later with the Task Force. These individuals have extremely troubled lives and whether their testimony is credible needs answering. Which I'm sure the Defence led by Mr. Peter Ritchie will explore.

Whether the public though is willing to allow these individuals a free ride when in fact, many of them had Information about crime being committed at the farm is a debate the public needs to have. This debate needs to be occurring at the same time as the trial and I hope citizerns clamour for this Now!

To not do so will ensure a horrendous Miscarriage of Justice.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
(778) 235-3677