Saturday, August 09, 2008

NEWS from NEWS 1130

NEWS from NEWS 1130

Jamie Lee Hamilton sets sights on Vancouver Park Board
Saturday, August 09 - 08:06:30 PM

Erin Loxam

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - With another civic election only a few months away, News1130 is looking at some of the new players joining the political mix.

Throwing her hat into ring is Jamie Lee Hamilton. Hamilton has been active in the social, cultural and gender community for many years and now seeks the NPA nomination for Park Board. She figures it’s a chance to make sure the board represents the voters and ensures safe and productive green spaces for all ages.

"The average voter, they know I have a record that I stand on and they know that once elected, I would not compromise my principles or integrity for political expediency."

She says it is crucial to ensure that appropriate resources are evenly distributed to every neighborhood for the enjoyment of all citizens.