Monday, June 14, 2004

Hot on the campaign trail

Hi All!

Its Monday and tonite myself along with activist Cherry Kingsley are taking Shirley Chan on a tour to visit with working girls on the strolls. Its important that Shirley hear firsthand the voices, who often are left out of the political process. Kudos for Shirley on this!

Tomorrow June 15, I will be attending the University Women's Club meeting for first time women candidates. This mtg is at Hycroft Mansion and is hosted by well respected and popular Park Commissioner Suzanne Anton. Confirmed candidates include Shirley Chan, Alice Wong, Bev Meslo and I believe a Green candidate. I will post in my blog the happenings at this forum.

It seems the sign war in Van-East is getting out of hand. While all candidates have had their signs defaced or stolen, it seems there is an organized element to the destruction of Shirley Chan signs. I call on candidates to remind their supporters not to engage in this type of behavior.

I have had many calls and personal emails regarding my viewpoints on the campaign thus far. Many feel that spousal travel should not be an election issue, however an equal number of respondents feel Ms Davies was out of hand in claiming Shirley Chan to be homophobic over her raising of the spousal travel benefit. Moreover, many suggested they were deeply offended that Ms Davies paid only $700.00 a month rent while earning over $120,000.00 per year.

Well that's it for now. Its 7pm and I want to catch a few zzzzzzz so that I'm refreshed for the tour tonite.

Jamie Lee Hamilton