Sunday, March 02, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


OK the Elks Hall, isn't your typical Green party hang-out but on Saturday, March 1, 2008, a number of Green supporters attended the Green Speakeasy held for Quadra by-election candidate, Dan Grice. Notables present were past federal Green Leader, Jim Harris, current Deputy Leader, Adriane Carr and candidate for provincial Green leader and Great Bear Pub owner, Damien Kettlewell.

The by-election is a result of popular Liberal MP, Stephen Owen's retirement and while this race won't make a difference in the established party standings, what is unusual is that if you walk around Quadra and chat with people, you sense Quadra constituents are wanting change.

Alright, call me a dreamer if you like, but that change could come about in the form of Green candidate, Dan Grice. Mr. Grice has been out-campaigning other candidates and this positive effort has not gone unnoticed.

Mr. Grice isn't your typical Quadra candidate. For one thing, you wouldn't classify him as the "creme de la creme" of this affluent westside enclave. In fact, at 27 years of age, he is a far cry from the demographic who typically reside in Quadra, however, that doesn't seem to matter because Quadra is really warming up to him. With two weeks left to go in the campaign, media are also taking notice of Dan Grice.

Dan has run a very credible campaign. He has lawn signs which showcase his trusting face. The signs, complete with chinese character writing acknowledges the heavily-populated Asian community who reside in Shaughnessey and Kerrisdale. This action demonstrates that Dan is truly respectful of others, especially those who speak another language.

Mr. Grice has been working extremely hard and you can sense he really wants to win. As a UBC grad, he has of course, targetted that demographic, but equally he is right at home speaking with Kitsilano professionals, Dunbar homeowners and Marpole seniors who make up this riding.

What a joy to watch as the parents of Mr. Grice have gotten behind their son and his campaign. They are often out on the hustings with him and in today's political climate, where many of us tend to be cynical of politicians, the Grice's support of their beloved son is a testament to the good character of the young Dan Grice. Dan's mother makes sure Dan is properly fed, (campaigns can be hectic) and moreover, Mrs. Grice has been providing much of the food to those who attend Dan's campaign events. To say the parents are proud of their son is an understatement and their endorsement highlights what a fine young man Mr. Grice is.

While some may think that the chances of Dan winning are slim, mainly because the Green party tends to be the 4th party, I and many others think otherwise. Even last night at the Speakeasy which I fronted at the Elks Hall, the Legion ladies were coming downstairs to see what was happening. We invited them in and with Dan's signs about, one wonderful Kerrisdale matron said to Dan, " you have more support in this area than you think".

If everything lines up properly, if the UBC students get out and vote for an alumni member, who understands students issues better than most--if Quadra voters really want change, if only to show the established parties, their displeasure of the status quo--if the protest vote gets behind Dan and if the many environmentalists in Quadra solidly votes Green and most importantly, if Dan's hard work and sincerity is factored in, it's quite possible that Mr. Dan Grice could very well win. Oh and the heavens are on Dan's side as the by-election date falls on St. Patrick's day and how more Green culd this day possibly be.

Imagine Dan Gtice - I sure can!

Jamie Lee Hamilton