Saturday, October 16, 2004


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Hi All!

Today October 16 is our referendum day. Its the day when we choose whether we want to change our municipal electoral system. I am voting NO.

As I mentioned many times on this blog, democracy demands that I vote No. There is a better governance system out there, however, citizens have not been consulted as to which system they may desire. Vancouverites were given an either or situation and this in my opinion is an affront to democracy. Politicians should be ashamed for trying to foster their beliefs onto us. Real Democracy is led by the public, not politicians or backroom boys.

My hope today is for everyone to go out and exercise their democratic right. Vote what your heart tells you. In the final analysis citizens are never wrong. My belief is that voters always make the correct choice.

So enjoy today, take a moment to vote and let history unfold.

If you need further information please view these sites. or

Have a great day everyone!


Jamie Lee Hamilton
(604) 781-3361

So please exercise your right to vote today. So far,