Thursday, June 12, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Interesting that Vancouver School Trustee, Eleanor Gregory, has chosen on Monday, June 9 to switch parties. For nearly three years Ms Gregory was a member of the NPA.

I suppose when she announced a month back that she was throwing her support over to the Vision party that she would be dumped from the NPA.

When that didn't happen, she waited until either Mr Sullivan or Mr. Ladner had won the NPA nomination on June 8, before announcing her departure from the NPA. As my readers know popular Councillor Peter Ladner has won that race.

Her timing is quite questionable. One must wonder if the timing chosen was to inflict damage on whoever won the NPA Mayoral nomination. Perhaps this was a deal cooked up by herself and the campaign of her chosen candidate at Vision?

Ms Gregory though may need to eat some crow if her chosen candidate at Vision doesn't win the Mayoral race.

Ms Gregory has announced she is not seeking re-election as a School Trustee and perhaps that is a good thing since I'm not certain she is much of a positive role model for Children and Youth if this is the type of politics she plays. Actually it seems like gutter politics to me and has no place in our education system.

Jamie Lee Hamilton